Designer Colour Range

Sam Lurie Colour Collection

Designer Colour Range

Sam Lurie Colour Collection


With a longstanding legacy of collaborating with architects and designers to produce a premium product and to differentiate ourselves from others in the field, we looked to interior designer and consultant Sam Lurie from Sprout Design, to help create our first Designer Colour Range – 21 contemporary but classic shades that are available in both the timber and aluminium security options.

Sam’s experience in property development and retail merchandising, over and above her role as an interior designer, makes her uniquely suited to understanding what homeowners want. This, along with other exciting and challenging ad hoc projects, like a concept for the design of a 85-room luxury hotel development and residential apartment building, gives her a comprehensive insight into what’s in demand and current for both the hospitality and homeowner market.

For this collection she’s worked from an architectural positioning, developing a stunning neutral and versatile palette that will deliver across a broad range of building and interior styles.

Designer Colour Range


Since 2000, we have cemented a reputation for quality shutters that add both investment and aesthetic value to your home, providing stylish security and privacy. Our industry leading, elegant adjustable louvre window and door shutters and dividers are customizable, passionately produced to the highest standards, and delivered within a 21 working day order-to-installation turnaround. Not being content to have established ourselves as a champion of quality, we have endeavoured to stay at the cutting-edge, by delivering on-trend and updated styles that offer our customers solutions that enhance their living environments.

Taking this convergence of utility and style further still, and maintaining our position as an innovative industry pioneer, we are excited to announce this all-new collection of exciting colour options available in both the timber and aluminium security ranges. One of a very few products of its kind and quality, the wide variety of shades sets it apart for the level of customization it allows, beyond an already impressive offering of personal specification and service.

From soothing neutrals like Silver Lining or Overcast, and punchier, more mineral tones like Black Olive and Shark, to rich bold shades like Aegean Blue, these 21 sophisticated colours offer a widely nuanced range of options with which to define your home’s aesthetic and atmosphere.


Star white, Full Moon, Overcast , Vapour, Silver Lining and Rainy Day are soothing atmospheric neutral shades that would complement any interior.


Star white


Full Moon






Silver Lining


Rainy Day



Elephant Skin, Mountain Rock, Boulder, Balsam Green, Moon Rock, Smoked Pearl, Pigeon, Peppercorn and Ash are more dramatic and sophisticated mineral and earthy shades associated with luxury and creativity, adding depth to a scheme.


Elephant Skin


Mountain Rock




Balsam Green


Moon Rock


Smoked Pearl









Shark, Chill, Surf, Aegean Blue, Canal and Magic are deep reflective ocean inspired shades that bring down blood pressure, adding a calm and restful quality.








Aegean Blue