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A3 Plantation Aluminium Shutters


The Plantation Aluminium Shutter (A3) is the perfect solution for barriers or enclosing areas that do not require full security. Maybe you need a simple barrier, but still want it to be aesthetically pleasing and robust, whether it’s to be used to screen a patio or verandah, keep unwanted guests out (like monkeys), provide privacy for a shower or simply for use as a divider or windbreak. Enter the Plantation Aluminium Shutter (A3), a high-quality aluminium shutter that gives you the durability of aluminium and the versatility of indoor or outdoor use and is fitted with a non-secure patented “double throw” flush lock.

  • 100% locally manufactured
  • 10 year guarantee
  • 34mm thick frame
  • We can match to one of our standard 5 powder coated colours, a range of 50 powder-coated colours, our Designer Colour Range, or one of four wood-look colours - Walnut, Old-Oak, Cherry and Mahogany. View our Colour Options.
  • Our powder coating is Qualicoat approved. Qualicoat is the leading organisation for creating specifications and standards for the correct application of powder in architectural applications. The registered Head Office is in Zurich, Switzerland.