Why Choose Shutters

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Secure, Versatile and Elegant


Privacy, Light Control & Ventilation

Plantation Shutters allow you to control the amount of light, ventilation or privacy you require at any time. By adjusting the louvres, Plantation Shutters provide privacy from the outside world, yet still allowing light and airflow through the louvres, which can be angled up or down.


Adding Elegance & Value

Beautiful and functional, Plantation Shutters add elegance and value to any home or business, as they enhance the entire feeling of any room or space. Plantation Shutters can be used with absolute confidence in all settings, blending effortlessly with any style of modern or traditional interior design.



Plantation Shutters are suitable for all areas of the home – kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and enclosing of patios or verandahs. The shutters are perfect for windows and doors of any size or shape (including arches, triangles, portholes, tiny windows, tall or wide and slanted openings), and they are a popular choice as room dividers. They can be opened or closed completely, with the louvres adjusted according to personal preference.



Plantation Shutters are the most stylish and beautiful way to secure your home. No unsightly traditional burglar bars or security doors required! Plantation Shutters manufacture a range of aluminium security shutters. With a solid metal 2-way locking system, these shutters are designed and manufactured to be the strongest and most secure adjustable louvre security shutters in South Africa.



During Summer and Winter, Plantation Shutters provide protection from the elements, including the sun's heat and glare, and insulating rooms from the cold in Winter, by providing an extra layer of warmth and protection. The louvres can be adjusted for airflow as required. Due to the fact that shutters are rigid, they do not rattle in the breeze.


Superior quality

We only use the finest quality solid timber and aluminium - better longevity, better insulation, warmer, softer and superior quality. All finishes are UV and fade resistant and our shutters are all perfect for coastal conditions.