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With Plantation Security Shutters being renowned for their strength and beautiful aesthetic, the addition of our integrated mesh flyscreen shutters offers discerning customers an added dimension in shutter coverings. This all-in-one system operates seamlessly to allow you to keep your windows open all day and night, with complete peace of mind. The new Plantation Integrated Flyscreen Shutters are absolutely perfect for homes, guesthouses and game lodges. With a choice of mesh grades, they are ideal for keeping insects, flies, lizards, snakes, small animals and creepy crawlies at bay.

Only available on a four-sided hinged frame solution

  • For a single shutter panel, the flyscreen mesh panels will be split into two halves and open vertically

    Our Integrated Flyscreen Shutters

  • For a 2, 3 or 4 panel option, the flyscreen mesh panels will open by sliding horizontally

    Our Integrated Flyscreen Shutters

  • Available in Plantation Shutters A2 and A3 options
  • The flyscreen frame will be the same colour as the shutters

Mesh Types

  • Insect Mesh (1 year warranty) - Perfect for flying insects, geckoes, lizards & snakes. Ideal for homes without pets that use windows for access.
  • Pet Mesh (2 year warranty) - Best suited for homes with animals like cats that scratch, or inquisitive animals like monkeys. More pricey, but offers more durability and keeps out a wider range of unwanted guests.

Maximum and Minimum Sizes

Fly screen panels are integrated into the inner part of the shutter frame

  • The Integrated Flyscreens panels can be used on openings with a width of up to 2.4m and a height of up to 1.5m; and they can be used on openings with a width as small as 300mm and a height as short as 450mm
  • The reveal depth needs to be 72mm or bigger
  • If the reveal depth is less than 72mm, a Face Fix Solution is required

Frame and Mesh Flyscreen Specifications

Our Integrated Flyscreen Shutters

85mm frame width edge to edge

Our Integrated Flyscreen Shutters

Minimum 72mm reveal space needed from handles or any other protrusions

Our Integrated Flyscreen Shutters

The mesh frames will slide in two integrated channels

Our Integrated Flyscreen Shutters

The shutter louvres can open to their maximum without touching the mesh panels

Our Integrated Flyscreen Shutters

The mesh frame is aluminium with plastic corner joins. The corners can be either white or black

Our Integrated Flyscreen Shutters

The mesh material is secured into place with rubber banding

Lead Times

  • White Flyscreen Shutters 21 working days
  • All other colour Flyscreen Shutters 28 working days