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Plantation Shutters® are custom-designed – width and height – for your specific opening. For Plantation Timber Shutters®, there is a choice of a standard range of stains (see specifications) or any coated colour – the standard painted colour is Satin White, however we can paint match to any Plascon or Dulux Colour at no extra cost. For Plantation Security Shutters®, we can match to any powder coated colour (range of 50). The standard 4 colours are ANP 39010 (Matt Pure White), ANP 1052 (Gloss White), ANP 3046 (Matt Light Bronze) and ANP 9085 (Bronze). If a colour other than the 4 standard colours is chosen, there is a surcharge of R1000.
All of our shutters are manufactured in the Western Cape in our 4000 m2 manufacturing facility. We employ 70 skilled operators to build the entire product in-house, using the latest technologies.
This depends on what type of floor covering (Tiles, Carpet, Wooden…) there is and whether this is a new or existing covering.

New covering
The bottom track can be installed prior to the installation of this covering. If it has not been or can not be installed prior, then refer to "existing".

Existing covering
Carpet – the bottom track is either installed with a wooden sill on top of the carpet or we can work with your carpet company to install this into your carpet.
Tiles – the bottom track is cut into the tile as part of the installation. The bottom track has a small lip on either side that sits flush with the tile resulting a very neat finish.
Wooden flooring – the bottom track is either cut into the flooring or installed on top of the flooring in our wooden sill. These options depend on the type and thickness of the wooden flooring.

All of the above can be discussed with the consultant. Contact us for more information.
Please refer to our Guarantee and Care and Maintenance pages for full details on the Guarantees and Care and Maintenance.
Yes we do. For External Applications we recommend the aluminium Plantation Security Shutter®; which is powder-coated in a range of on-trend colours and requires no maintenance. Plantation Security Shutters® are a very popular choice to enclose a patio and create an extra living space or to protect the patio from unfavourable weather conditions.
Yes, the aluminium Plantation Security Shutters® are designed and manufactured to be the strongest adjustable louvre security shutters on the market.
Our highly qualified in-house installation teams undertake installation. They are specifically trained to deal with the complexities of a shutter installation and ensure that our extremely high standards of workmanship are adhered to at all times.
Our Plantation Timber Shutters® are made from real wood. We do not use any engineered woods or veneers. As a standard, we use Obeche wood for Internal Shutters, which is a very light weight hardwood that finishes beautifully and is perfect for this application. If you are interested in other types of hardwood eg Teak and Mahogany, this can be quoted on. Our Plantation Security Shutters® are made from 50mm aluminium and the shutters are equipped with secure stainless steel locks with a solid metal 2-way bolting system. The louvres have a 10mm solid aluminium rod holding each one in place and are also able to lock, making the Plantation Security Shutters® a constant and highly effective security barrier.
Unlike wooden venetian blinds, warpage on the louvres is not common mainly because of the extra thickness of the louvre (12.5mm thick) compared to a blind (approximately 2mm). The timber we use is also extremely stable and adherence to certain tried and tested design parameters such as maximum leaf width helps further minimize the risk of the warpage. For more information contact us or if you’d like a quote based on measurements please click here.