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Plantation Security Shutters® have a proven track record in securing openings through their unmatched locking mechanism, strength of frame and attention to detail.


Plantation Security Shutters are designed and manufactured to be the most stylish and strongest adjustable louvre security shutters on the market, and are suitable for both internal and external use.

At Plantation Shutters® we take pride in our industry-leading powder coating, 100% recyclable and locally-sourced aluminium, as well as our international recognition for best practices in manufacturing. Although the emphasis has been placed on strength and security, these shutters are elegant and aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.

Plantation Security Shutters offer an unparalleled lead time of 21 working days from order to installation, and a 12 year guarantee. They can be customised to suit most openings. At Plantation Shutters, we take pride in everything we do, and for this reason our design team will suggest the perfect frames and track system, depending on requirements. This will allow peace of mind, whilst our in-house team takes care of everything from design, manufacture and installation and ultimately, our industry-leading guarantee, reinforces our relentless quest for quality and craftsmanship.

Plantation Shutters® introduces the ultimate security system where you need it most!

All too often, security features and products are installed during the building or renovation process and everyone from the contractors to the plumbers have access to the vital element in your security – the keys!

Plantation Shutters® have worked closely with our lock manufacturer, and we are proud to announce our exclusive new security offering that ensures that key management is nothing our customers need to concern themselves with. The new system offers the following:

  • The Plantation Shutters® team of installers and all contractors/building teams will use a construction key. This key will allow the locking of the product but will not activate the 5 pin locking system.
  • The customer will receive a sealed pack of keys on completion that are unique to their shutters.
  • Once all construction and installation has been completed, the customer will use their unique key which will override the construction key and “lockout” any further use of the construction key.
  • The unique key will also activate the 5 pin locking system – something that is unique to Plantation Shutters®.

This ‘state-of-the-art’ security feature allows ease of management during the construction and installation phase, and complete peace of mind once the construction teams depart, and the customer activates their unique security key.

Security Association of South Africa

As a Gold Affiliate Member of the Security Association of South Africa, Plantation Shutters has proven its compliance with the organisational requirements for SASA and PSIRA, all of which have been independently verified.

Ultimate safety.

Our unique 2 way locking system and reinforced 50mm frame gives you peace of mind.


The most advanced locking system.

No one else uses the unique locking system that we include as standard in our security shutters.


Thickest and most secure frame in the industry.

We do not hold back on making sure the frame is as strong as possible.


Fully customisable.

Over 10 unique design registered frames and over 50 finishes available. Industry leading frames - standard.


Internal or external.

Perfect for internal or external use due to quality, workmanship and aesthetic appeal of these shutters.


Unmatched guarantee.

12 year product guarantee.


Short lead time.

Our 21 working day lead time has been industry leading for years and because we manufacture from scratch in SA we pride ourselves on service excellence.


Eco/enviro friendly.

100% Recyclable and locally sourced aluminium.


Service excellence.

Due to our dedicated and experienced in-house teams who control everything from initial sales visits to measurement, quoting and installation – we offer the most seamless and stress free service in the market.



For Plantation Security Shutters®, we can match to any powder coated colour (range of 50). The standard 5 colours are QYA 202 (Matt Grey White), QYA 203 (Matt Signal White), QQX 201 (Matt Bronze 543), QQL 258 (Matt Charcoal) and QYL 244 (Matt Silk Grey). If a colour other than the 5 standard colours is chosen, there is a surcharge of R1000. We can also finish the Plantation Security Shutters® in 4 Wood-look colours which are Walnut (PWWP), Old-Oak (PWOF), Cherry (PWCK) and Mahogany (PWMP). There is a 25% surcharge for the Wood-look colour and the leadtime is 58 working days.